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ICT Office Times

Aaron is available in his office Mon-Fri Lesson 1 & 2 for students, staff and parents. To make an appointment:

Ph: (08) 8853 2346

Email: aaron.nash195@schools.sa.edu.au


Daymap / Parent Portal Access Tutorials

Tutorials on how to access Daymap and the parent portal

MDS Parent Portal Tutorial
Daymap Connect (Parent Portal)  is an extension of the Daymap Learning Management System which provides parents with access to key school and student information both at home and on the go.

Updated -  29/01/2021

Student / Staff Daymap Access
A tutorial on how to access Daymap from home.


Office 365

Students from year 3-12 have access to many Office 365 services using a School Learnlink/Microsoft account. 
To get started students will need to visit Aaron and set up their Learnlink account (if they haven't done so already)

Installing Office 365

Please follow this link for a tutorial on installing office 365 on your device 


Office 365 Training Center

Please follow this link visit the Office 365 Training center for more information on Office 365 applications


Digital Learning Policy

Digital Learning Policy

It is a Department for Education (DfE) requirement that all students and their caregivers sign the Acceptable Use of Learning Technologies Policy before the student is permitted to access learning technologies on any Departmental site. Once signed and returned to school, the document is filed in the student’s records and acknowledged in the school’s database.


Students and parents must complete a new form for each new device a student wishes to use at school.


Parent Device/Account Controls

Information and tutorials on device or account control for parents

Microsoft Family
Microsoft Family is a free service that helps families stay connected, and keep kids safer on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices with features like activity reporting, screen time limits, and content restrictions. You will find these settings on account.microsoft.com/family, where you can also track kids’ spending and add money to their Microsoft accounts.

Mobile Device Restrictions
A tutorial on how to access and setup restrictions on mobile devices.
(eg. Phone or Tablets)

Contains setting for Apple iOS 11 & iOS 12 devices and general settings for Android devices .


Qustodio is an app to help parents manage and control what kids are doing online.

Today’s kids are more connected than ever. As a parent, it can be tough to know how to handle the digital world. That’s where Qustodio comes in.

You can do things like:

  • Control games & apps

  • Set schedules & time limits for internet use

  • Block inappropriate content

  • Track your child’s location

  • Monitor social media use

...and more!

For more information please book a time with Aaron or visit Qustodio