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Ellen Burford

Hi! My name’s Ellen Burford and I’m your Pastoral Care Worker. I was a student at MDS once upon a time, so it’s fun to be back as part of the school family again!
I really value our local community and the relationships that hold it together, and I see this school as a key place where those relationships are formed and nurtured. School is also a critical space where young people can be equipped for life. I hope to contribute to this by being a positive presence in the school, supporting the school community (students, staff and families) in diverse ways and by influencing people to discover purpose, value and hope in their lives.
Students and their families are welcome to make a time to chat with me either by approaching me directly or going through another staff member.
Places you might find me at MDS include the yard at recess or lunch, helping out in classrooms or my office.


A Chaplaincy Service is provided by a Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) in a school community on behalf of the local combined Christian community
to provide additional support as needed

Pastoral Care Workers

  • Provide pastoral care in a ‘first response’ capacity to critical incidents, refer to specialist support and to provide ongoing presence and follow-up

  • Work closely and in partnership with leadership and other wellbeing staff in schools to provide pastoral care and practical support to students, families and staff as requested

  • Are well positioned to work across the whole school to ‘build a sense of’ community, harmony and cohesion

  • Are trained and equipped to provide their school with a unique dimension of social, emotional and spiritual support in line with the DfE wellbeing framework

Your local school and your local church work together to provide your Pastoral Care Worker.

For more information please click here to download the Brochure

My regular days at school are:

Monday - Friday

Contact Details:

Office: Ellen’s Room, next to the Study room in the Library building
Message box: Leave a message for me in the message box across from the Library desk

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