Covid Update - School Email - 20/11/2020

Dear parent/caregiver,


The Premier today announced that schools and preschools will reopen to all students on Monday 23 November.

As a result Minlaton District School will be open and operating as normal.


We will not be offering an alternative home-based learning program.


As the Chief Public Health Officer said, just because the hard lockdown is being lifted does not mean that the risks associated with COVID-19 have passed. As a result we will minimise the number of people coming and going from our site.


Wherever possible, please drop and collect your child at the gate and maintain the appropriate physical distance from other adults.


More information on excursions, events and sporting activities, and use of masks will be available soon.


Thank you very much for your support over the last couple of days. We look forward to having your child back at MDS on Monday.





Covid Update - School Email - 19/11/2020

Good afternoon everyone


Today we had 6 children whose parents are essential workers attending MDS.  Parent contact indicates that we will have 3 more tomorrow.

I would appreciate that if you do intend to send children due to essential work requirements, that you let me know (text/call/email – details below).  We are rostering staff attendance and I need to ensure that we have sufficient staff available to provide adequate supervision.  

All of our school buses did the morning route this morning.  Only one picked up children, and this will be the only bus which travels this afternoon.  For the foreseeable future our intention is to have all buses travelling on their respective routes in the morning, however if there are no children picked up on a route, that bus will not travel in the afternoon.  I have conveyed this information to the Early Learning Centre and Curramulka Primary school whose children travel on our buses.

It is my understanding that we are only open for the children of essential workers until at least Tuesday of next week, and we are being asked to use next Monday and Tuesday to prepare for online learning.

Tomorrow we will make decisions with regard to any events/activities which had been planned for the remainder of the school year and these decisions will be communicated to families.


Thanks again for your support, both of our school, but also our Health system.  This certainly has been a very strange 24 hours!  If anything changes – I’ll let you know J


Kind regards




Covid Update - School Email - 18/11/2020