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Key Documents

Minlaton District School publishes documents in accordance with Department for Education Procedures, and legislative requirements. These documents are made public, and are available for anyone to view.

Site Improvement Plan Summary

The overarching goal of the DfE Strategic Plan is to cultivate a high-performing educational system that enhances the academic achievements and well-being of children and young individuals in South Australia. To achieve this, collaborative efforts between the Principal and staff are imperative. This involves crafting and executing a School Improvement Plan (SIP) aligned with the DfE Strategic Plan, incorporating well-considered actions based on external review recommendations. Additionally, the team is tasked with planning and implementing evidence-based intervention strategies, addressing identified targets, outcomes, and learning needs. These strategies are meticulously designed to maximize learner outcomes and achievements.

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides parents and community members a comprehensive overview of the school's performance, achievements, and activities over the course of a year. It offers valuable insights into the school's educational programs, student accomplishments, and organizational initiatives.

Context Statement

Minlaton District School's Context Statement offers a concise overview of the institution, encompassing key details such as location, enrollment trends, and staffing. It outlines the school's student-centric approach, including resilience and well-being programs, student management strategies, and special support initiatives. The document emphasizes the school's commitment to a diverse curriculum, highlighting subject offerings, assessment procedures, and special programs for individual student needs. Additionally, it provides insights into sporting activities, co-curricular offerings, staff profiles, and facilities. This comprehensive snapshot concludes with a glimpse into the school's financial position and its integral role within the supportive Minlaton community.

External Review

The purpose of the External School Review (ESR) is to support schools to raise achievement, sustain high performance and to provide quality assurance to build and sustain public confidence in government schools. The External School Review framework is referenced throughout all stages of the ESR process. This report outlines aspects of the school’s performance verified through the review process according to the framework.

Policies & Procedures

Discover the foundational principles that shape Minlaton District School's operations by exploring our comprehensive policies and procedures. Each document provides a clear framework for understanding and navigating key aspects of our school community. These resources aim to foster transparency, safety, and a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that students, parents, and staff have easy access to the guidelines that contribute to a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Reporting Policy

This policy outlines Minlaton District School's reporting procedures, timelines and a brief explanation of formal written report content.

Behaviour Management Policy

At Minlaton District School, our student behaviour strategy centres on encouraging students to maximise their learning opportunities and focus on the skills, behaviours and attitudes that will support them to be successful in school and life.

Grievance Policy

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong and you may feel that your expectations are not being met. If you have an unresolved complaint or want to provide feedback, we would like to hear from you.

Emergency Management Plan

The emergency management plan outlines roles and responsibilities of the incident response group during an emergency. It also outlines the tones used to activate an emergency procedure.

Mobile Phone Policy

This policy provides direction to students, staff and families about managing mobile phones and other digital devices that students choose to bring to school.

Dress Code

This code has been developed in consultation with the school community and is endorsed by
the Minlaton District School Governing Council.

Newsletter Archive

Newsletter 4

Issued 4/7/24

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Newsletter 2

Issued 5/4/24

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Newsletter 3

Issued 4/6/24

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Newsletter 1

Issued 1/3/24

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