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Primary School

Welcome to the vibrant world of Minlaton District School's Primary Years, where everyone thrives!


Our youngest learners are embraced in an environment that fosters zest for learning, deep understanding, and connection from the very beginning. As we lay the foundations for lifelong learning, our curriculum is enriched with opportunities for students to express themselves eloquently, both in literacy and through creative arts. Every day is a new adventure, filled with activities that nurture identity and belonging, and promote the joy of discovery.


Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our community. We recognise the importance of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), integrating these critical areas into the Primary Years to spark curiosity and encourage scientific thinking. Through engaging projects and interactive experiments, our students explore the wonders of science and the basics of technology, preparing them for a world where these fields play a major role.


We strive to nurture an environment where every child feels valued and included, fostering strong connections. This is supported by our dedicated team of educators who are committed to developing each student’s personal capacity. They use innovative teaching methods and a personalised approach to cater to the varied learning styles and needs of our students. Our dedicated teachers and supportive community ensure that each child develops their personal capacity in a joyful and engaging setting.

Middle School

As students step into the Middle Years at Minlaton District School, they encounter a curriculum designed to challenge and inspire.


This critical educational phase emphasises real-world learning, where students engage with complex projects and community-based activities. This stage of education introduces a more structured approach with an increased focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills across all subject areas.


Our curriculum expands to include a wider range of subjects including advanced science and technology programs, arts, and humanities, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.


Students are encouraged to engage in leadership opportunities, community service, and environmental stewardship projects that connect them with the local Yorke Peninsula community and beyond. Our school's supportive environment fosters a sense of responsibility and independence, preparing every student to thrive academically and personally.

Senior School

Welcome to the Senior Years at Minlaton District School, where we prepare our students for their future with a rigorous and diverse curriculum. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of SACE subjects as well as vocational education pathways, which include partnerships with local businesses and industries reflecting our region's economic strengths.


Our tailored approach supports students in pursuing their interests, whether they are academic or more hands-on, such as through school-based apprenticeships or traineeships. We emphasise a culture of high expectations and student accountability, with a strong focus on leadership development and community engagement. Our dedicated staff work closely with students to ensure they achieve their personal best, offering extensive support through provision of mentorship and counselling.

Our senior school programs are aimed at developing independent learners who show initiative, accountability, active engagement in their learning and who strive to achieve their best. We aim to produce lifelong learners who are creative and innovative, able to collaborate and communicate effectively, are critical thinkers and problems solvers who are technologically literate 21st century global citizens.


We have structured our curriculum so that Year 10 students will be assessed against the Learning Areas, General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities outlined in the Australian Curriculum, whilst beginning their SACE. Students in Years 11-12 will work within the framework of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) overseen by the SACE Board of South Australia.

Career Education is an integral component of our school program, providing students with valuable opportunities to develop career skills, knowledge, and attitudes in relevant environments. It aims to complement their academic endeavors and other activities, facilitating a smooth transition from school to the workforce or further study. Workplace learning offers a unique chance to gain insights into employer expectations, work responsibilities, and future career options. Work Experience is scheduled on the Minlaton District School Yearly Planner for Year 10 and Year 11 students at specific times. Year 12 students or those interested in pursuing Work Experience are expected to liaise with the school to ensure a successful arrangement. Additionally, students in Years 10-12 can earn SACE credits and nationally accredited industry qualifications through a variety of Vocational Education pathways or as a School Based Apprentice or Trainee.

First Nations Perspectives & Aboriginal Education

At Minlaton District School, Aboriginal Education is a core aspect of our curriculum and school life, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and cultural respect. We proudly integrate Aboriginal perspectives across all subjects, enhancing our students' understanding of Australia's rich First Nations heritage. While the First Nations student population at our school may be small, we are dedicated to providing each of these students with comprehensive support to ensure their academic and personal success.


First Nations students and families are supported by an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET) and an Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) so that we can provide an inclusive educational environment that everyone has the opportunity to shape and develop. Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to weave Aboriginal cultural insights into the fabric of our school life, promoting greater understanding and appreciation among all students.


Our school calendar highlights significant cultural events. These events provide all students with opportunities to engage with and celebrate Aboriginal culture, fostering a community of respect and recognition for the First Nations people.


For those interested in learning more about Aboriginal Education at Minlaton District School, or in contributing to our programs, please feel free to reach out to our front office. We welcome your interest and are eager to discuss how we can work together to support our students and enrich our school community with the vibrant cultures of Australia's First Nations.

Intervention Support

At Minlaton District School we strive to ensure that every child and young person can achieve their personal best.  Every teacher, in planning their program, endeavours to provide both challenge to extend students who are achieving at a high standard and additional support for students who are experiencing difficulty with particular concepts, skills or understanding. Meeting the individual learning needs of every student underpins our general teaching and learning program and is a commitment made by all of our teachers.


Additionally, we are able to provide additional support for students with particular learning needs where specific intensive support is required.  For students who have a One Plan, DfE funding allows us to assign School Support Officers to assist students according to an agreed plan which is formulated in conjunction with parents, the student, teachers and school leadership staff.  These plans identify areas which need support and SSOs work alongside teaching staff to implement programs and provide strategies to assist students achieve their goals.


For students who do not have a Negotiated Education Plan, but for whom there are gaps in their learning, we also provide support in a range of ways.  Our Governing Council has approved funding to provide additional staff to support students and we endeavour to maintain smaller class sizes to optimise teacher instruction.


Literacy, particularly in the Primary Years, is a focus; we know that good literacy skills provide a great foundation for learning in all curriculum areas.  The Read Write Inc program is being used effectively to improve reading fluency for students in the early years and we are seeing improvement across all learning areas as a result.  In the Middle Years our focus on reading comprehension provides students with a range of strategies to enable them to confidently engage with curriculum requirements into the senior years.


We believe in a collaborative educational approach and value the partnerships we form with parents and the broader community. Parental involvement is crucial to our support programs, and we actively encourage community participation to help maximise learning outcomes for all students.

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