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Minlaton District School


Minlaton Public School opened in 1878 to accommodate 60 students. Prior to this several women ran small schools in the town and district but records of these are sparse. The school included a teacher's residence as well as the schoolroom.
An extension was added in 1880, and in 1924 a new school was built.
A secondary school was not opened until 1945, using the parish hall. Every Friday, students and teachers carried all the furniture out to a shelter shed, returning it on Monday morning, as the hall was used for the weekly picture show, the Sunday School and other church functions.
A custom-built secondary school was opened in 1954. In 1991 the complex became an R-12 district school catering to the Minlaton, Brentwood and Hardwicke Bay regions, with feeder schools at Stansbury, Curramulka and Port Vincent.


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